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Irrational Inquiry; Fear of Thirteen

Irrational Inquiry; Fear of Thirteen

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Frigg foremost of the goddesses for whom Friday is named weaves the clouds.
Yesterday was Friday, and it also happened to be the 13th of the month of June. Some people were probably going well out of their way to avoid bad omens or circumstances. Indeed the number thirteen is an unlucky number according to many.Friday too being named unlucky for some people. This is of course in context with the Gregorian calendar introduced by Pope Gregory XIII (in which on average, there is a Friday the 13th once every 212.35 days) not very often anymore. Fear of Friday the 13th is known as friggatriskaidekaphobia (Frigga of course the Norse goddess whom Friday is named for in English and triskaidekaphobia the fear of the number 13).
In Judeo-Christian traditions it seems the number thirteen is almost universally avoided, twelve apostles of Jesus, twelve tribes of Israel. The former thought to be relative to the negative connotation…

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