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Bands, Cults & Organisations in MYFAROG

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There are many different bands, cults, mystery cults and organisations in MYFAROG, like The Liberated (the mystery cult of the bachcantes and meanads), The Order of the (Golden) Dragon (the monastic-like order of the Shield Bearers), The Rangers, The Ansugardaraiþô (the mystery cult of the berserks and valkyrias), The Cult of Meleh Ha-Mashiach (a grotesque foreign cult), The Hashashin (the assassin organisation of The Cult of Meleh Ha-Mashiach), The Sicarii (a group of murderous worshippers of a golden cow), The Antediluvians (a terrible ettin cult), The Gardeners (a group of native bigots), the many Hirðs (the body guard of each and every native king), the many Herliðs (the armies of the native tribes), the Rîkas Þulêus (a religious group working to create a Þulêan Empire), The Hunters (a group of man-hunters), The Merchants (a secretive merchant guild), many different foreign pirate groups, The Robber King (a group of outlaws with unknown motives and goals), Sub Rosa (a group of sorcerers in some religious societies, working to keep the traditions alive) and 17 different temples (one for each sympathetic deity).

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