уторак, 18. новембар 2014.

Ebola: Do the plants defends themselves?

Fear of the dark, but not of the silent?

Originally posted on About Forests, Mountains and Rivers:
Before reading this article you should have read this and watched this:

The article I linked is rather old and I read it some time ago. The video is rather new, I recently watched it and it really impressed me. I had to think about this whole topic for the whole day yesterday and I noticed something, which I want to share with you here.
I would like to begin with something that has not really much to do with the topic of the intelligence of plants (at least at the first sight): Humans seem to be scared, when they are alone in darkness, some people more, some people less. There are people, who have an abnormal strong fear of the dark and a large part of little children are really scared when they are alone in the dark. However there are also people who are not really scared by…
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