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The Reckoning of Man

Here are the lyrics for ‘The Reckoning of Man’:
I remember the shining sanguine Sun
the frozen forests and fallen leaves,
and the hollow hill under the sky.
I remember the complex cold caverns,
the long tranquil tunnels
and the large underground lakes.
I remember the dim depths of the Earth,
the lucid lady in the light
and her sacred stanza.
I remember the bright beast in her boat,
the tall troll telling her tales,
and the honey in the haunted hollow.
I remember the protected password,
the secret soothing symbol
and the old ODal objects.
I remember the red runes on the rock,
the spell of seeing being sung,
and the bold opening up of the beautiful burrow.
I remember the coming of man reborn,
the birth of BalDur the bright,
the return of a world that was woefully lost.
PS. The second working title for this song was ‘The…
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